We’re proud to share some testimonials we have accumulated over the years.

George Hoeing and his performance working as a General Contractor proved that he is very knowledgeable, skilled and professional in the construction field. I have known George for eight years in my capacity as an HVAC and General Contractor, We worked on various projects as consultants, and based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best consultants I have ever known. He always been very responsible, and I strongly recommend him without any reservation. 

I am currently and have been working with Mr. Hoenig as a Consultant since 2004.  We have had a long-standing working relationship and I have found him to be completely honorable in his contracts, reliable, diligent and consistent in providing exemplary work.  He has supported our company as a project overseer, as well as being well versed in Industry standards.

Jorge Hoenig is a trusted contractor we have used in the past to repair mystery problems that our own maintenance staff was unable to fix. Our community is over 40 years old and has its “quirks” that sometimes require an outside contractor’s help to resolve.

We would recommend Jorge Hoenig for any general maintenance work that is needed as he is a trusted vendor of ours and has proven his work to be thorough and of the highest quality.


Mr. Jorge Henig and I have been working very closely for over the past 15 + years.

Our company manages 38 rental properties through the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Folsom.

We specialize in managing renovations and capital improvement projects for small building Owners/Builders (1-20 units).

Mr. Hoenig has been an asset, both as a contractor and or as a consultant when necessary